The New Year brings forth resolutions to get rid of all the stuff we have accumulated all year long. You probably added to your pile of items during the holidays, so it is time to get rid of the old and de-clutter. Because we are green, eco-oriented, we need to do this the right way.
Unfortunately, We all have stuff we do not want.  Here are some resources for redirecting unwanted items to people in need and saving them from the land fill. Be sure to look at our tutorial on recycling electronics.
eBay is a good place to sell off items of value. You can use a eBay trading assistant company, but you will be getting even less money. Be sure to take the time to write a detailed description and to upload quality photos that show the product in a good light. You will maximize your return with all the tedious listing and dealing with deadbeats. Trading in your item will net you far less money.

Craigslist is a good place to place free stuff ad to give away things as are garage sales.
Excess Access links each donation with the wish-lists of your nearby charities.
Career Gear takes donations of professional and business casual clothing.
sole4souls sends lightly used shoes to those in need.
Consignment stores take high quality clothes and furniture and help you sell them.  You only get around 50% of what they receive.  Estate-sale companies handle more high end merchandise.
Freecycle is a website that helps connect donors with recipients.
Goodwill and Salvation Army take a variety of items including linens, clothes, shoes, furniture, and even do pickups. Goodwill even takes cars and vehicles for donation.
Habitat for Humanity has ReStores that take construction material donations. Many locations take cars for donation.
Reuse Development helps promote reuse.
Beanies for Baghdad takes stuffed animals and other items and sends them to our service units internationally.
Loving Hugs takes soft stuffed animals and sends them to kids in need.
Itemize what you donate to get a tax deduction for fair market value.
Donating Extra Items
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Here are some more resources for donating unwanted items in the San Francisco Bay Area. These places focus more on unwanted construction materials and apparel.
Building Resources – Takes usable building materials. Free San Francisco pickup too.
Urban Ore – In Berkeley takes unwanted things and sell them as-is for reuse. See their Receiving Rules for what they take.
Scrap-SF – Takes donations for materials that artists, teachers, and individuals can use. takes donations of career-oriented clothes
East Bay Creative Reuse takes donations of arts and crafts items for reuse
Eco Friendly Green Junk Disposal
photo credit: Craig Rodway
Many municipalities including the San Francisco Bay Area, require a certain amount of recycling when doing remodeling. We had to select from a short list of approved vendors when choosing a debris box. I researched the area and found that there are now many more firms with environmentally responsible waste removal in the San Francisco Bay Area.
EcoHaul is a firm that focuses on socially and environmentally responsible waste removal and disposal solutions.
Blue Sky Hauling also tries to divert as much as possible from the landfill. We use them on our last project.
iReuse focuses more on businesses.


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Posted on January 1st, 2021
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