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“Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. And when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one”

On August 4th 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were axed to death. The crimes that occurred 127 years ago, still remain a mystery to us today. Many people think Lizzie Borden axed her parents to death, but what was her motive, what did she have to gain from all of this? Would she really kill her father and stepmother to live in a house on the hill? I guess you’ll find out all of that today as I delve into the mysteries of the Borden murders…

Andrew Borden’s body slumped on the couch.THE EARLY LIFE OF THE BORDEN FAMILY

In the 1890s, in Fall River, Massucheusists, Sundays were of great importance. On Sundays, Lizzie Borden was a Sunday school teacher at the central congregational church – the 2nd most affluent churches in the city.

Lizzie Borden – UndatedLizzie’s father, Andrew Borden, came from a wealthy family, but the poor side of the branch. He still provides for Lizzie and her sister Emma. The two women were considered spinsters because they still lived at home. Lizzie and Emma shared a bond that was closer than most sisters.

The Death Of Lizzie’s Mother…

At the age of two, Lizzie’s mother died and her older sister Emma took on the role of being a sought of surrogate mother for Lizzie. Her father remarried 2-3 years later and as expected Lizzie didn’t like her new stepmother. I mean imagine your father remarrying 2-3 years after your mum died. There’s a level of understanding when it comes to that and the fact that she already had Emma who was a motherly figure to her. Even though Lizzie didn’t like stepmother Abby, Abby tried to be a good mother figure to her, but there have been tensions since childhood.

Emma was like a mother figure because she promised her mother on her deathbed that she would watch over Lizzie and she took this very seriously. I mean who wouldn’t take it seriously when it’s a dying person last wish before they die.

Was Abby really that “Evil Stepmother” or was she misjudged?

Some people think of Abby as the evil stepmother, but there’s actually no proof and evidence to show this. Abby has always tried to get along with Lizzie over the years, but Lizzie was stubborn as hell. Her father Andrew spent less time worrying about family dilemmas and more time making money. I don’t know about you, but if I was in his position, I would want to at least try to get my two daughters to like my new wife.

Lizzie Became The Son That Andrew Never Had

The rich side of the Borden family earned a fortune of money from cotton, however, Andrew had no inherited wealth from that side of the family. Fall River at the time, was a boomtown, the centre of the cotton trade. Andrews tycoon cousins lived high on the hill, but his family lived down by the river, among the working class. Andrew’s known to be a shrewd businessman that didn’t let anyone get away with late payments. Lizzie Borden became the son that Andrew never had, he taught her the business and she was very close to her father.

The Borden family home – now a bed and breakfastFAMILY ARGUMENTS

One day, Abby’s half-sister, Sarah White, was facing eviction from her home. Andrew purchased a house for her sister, and this caused arguments between the family. His daughters are annoyed at the fact that Sarah had a house and they didn’t. I mean who wouldn’t want a house, especially if your living at home for 30 years of your life, you would want some independence.

In the end, Andrew sold his fathers estate to his daughters for one dollar, on the condition that they were nicer to Abby. However, this gift is not enough for them. Lizzie showed her content, by shunning Abby’s family in the street. She had a countdown of resentment, things she didn’t have, but wanted, no not wanted, deserved a house on the hill. Sounds a bit ungrateful to me, but let me not say anything.

Lizzie was determined to live on the hill, even if it came at a terrible price…

She blamed her father for the fact that she had no marriage prospects and that he had chosen himself to live next to his business interests. Whereas the other family, lived on the hill looking over the town, and over them. Lizzie was clearly desperate to be on the upper-class side of things, she yearned to have a life, much like there’s.

Occasionally, Lizzie Borden would venture to the hill to visit with her wealthy cousins, but only for board games and not ballroom dancing. At the time, ballroom dancing was the seat of the high society. Had Lizzie Borden been there, she could have come across men that were suitable? She blamed him for the fact that she was a spinster and unmarried.


A mysterious illness doesn’t help the mood of the Borden family by the river. Everyone in the house began to be nauseous and started vomiting. In the days before refrigerators, food poisoning was common.

Was the food going bad, or was someone most likely trying to poison them…

On the visit to the family doctor, Abby told him that she thought someone was trying to poison her.

Did she know Andrew was having problems with one of his tenants or was she thinking someone else was responsible?


Lizzie thought something suspicious was happening as well. With Emma away on a trip, Lizzie turned to her close friend Alice Russel. She explained to her doubts that she felt like someone was trying to harm her family.

Did Lizzie have a premonition or was she just being a clever woman and using this friend to establish danger to her family?

Lizzie finds something that begins to worry her. Her uncle, John Morris, showed up out of nowhere to stay at the house, without being a suitcase of anything.

There was also talk that Andrew was making a will. He had talked to Morris about what he might do with his money. Lizzie was in a difficult situation because all of her economic needs were dependant on her father.

Lizzie could have been in on this and could be giving the money to the murderer. But I mean anything could have happened. Have you ever seen that house, it’s huge? It wouldn’t be hard to know how the inside of the house looks, the plan when there are many similar to it.

The Day Of The Borden Murders…

On the morning of August 4th 1892, everything was normal for the Borden Family. Their mornings were just like any other morning, if only they knew what was yet to come…

Whilst feeling sick and unwell, Andrew Borden insists on going to work and planned on coming back for the new will. Emma Borden, however, was out of town and not at home.

At home, Lizzie and the maid, Bridget Sullivan, also known as, Maggie, are not feeling well. Abby is also unwell but continues to carry on with the daily chores. On that day, Abby told Maggie to wash the windows on the first floor, whilst Abby went upstairs to fluff the beds and clean the guest bedroom that Andrew Moorse had slept in the night before.

Lizzie is doing her own thing that morning, whilst the maid Maggie is outside. An hour later, on his business rounds, Andrew’s illness gets the better of him, he arrives home early at 10:30 that day. The front door was locked. This was pretty unusual for the Borden family. Bridget had a little trouble opening the door and heard a giggle upstairs, supposedly from Lizzie.

Lizzie wasn’t expecting her father home so soon and he inquires as to were Mrs Borden is. Lizzie tells him that Abby received a note that someone was sick so she went out to help. She then helps him to take his boots off and made him comfortable, she then goes out to the barn to get fishing equipment. Maggie has taken a rest at the time.


The families fears that someone is out for them, come true. 32 year old, Lizzie Borden, is met with a gruesome body of her father Andrew Borden. It was a very brutal murder and the scene was bloody. His eyes were split in half, his nose was nearly cut off and he had no face left.

The police arrive at the scene within minutes. Lizzie is given a morphine sedative, which will help her with the events later on.


Abby’s body was found on the floor of the guest bedroom. Her body was lying face down in a pool of blood. Abby sustained 19 blows from a blunt heavy instrument like an axe or a hatchet. Andrew had 11 wounds to his face and to the left side of his skull. Portions of bone had been driven into the brain. This made way for a large amount of blood.

The evidence points to Abby being killed first due to the fact that her body was slightly colder than Andrews. It was estimated that Abby was killed 90 minutes before Andrew.

Theories and Suspects

Where would the killer have gone if he killed Abby upstairs? I mean, I don’t know about you, but killers usually don’t go into homes, hit someone 18-19 times with an axe, wait around for an hour. Apparently, also knowing that Andrew will come home early and kill him too.

Police begin to think that maybe this isn’t so random after all…

Was it John Moorse?

Many people thought maybe it was John Moorse, I mean that sudden arrival is a bit suspicious, don’t you think? It was his blood nieces, after all, that were benefiting from the death. So maybe it was his sick and twisted gift to them?

Or maybe it was Maggie or Emma?

Others suspected the maid or the sister, Emma, who was surprisingly absent from this ordeal. I mean it could be possible that Emma arranged the entire murders and had an airtight alibi. Then, she couldn’t be classed as a suspect.

Or maybe it was the business associate? Andrew had a lot of enemies in his life, enemies who would maybe go so far as to kill…

People were panicking left, right and centre, but one person was suspiciously calm and collected. After all, a killer needs 3 things to commit a homicide, motive, opportunity and needs. Lizzie had all of those…

The community of fall river was shocked and worried that a killer was on the loose. Everyone that was close to the Bordens was under suspicion. I mean, why wouldn’t they be? The killer would have to be someone who knew the layout of the Borden home because they would need to know where to hide and etc.


Police looked at Andrew’s brother, John Moorse, who was in town on the day of the murder.

Richard Little, a maths teacher, created a book on the case. He believed that Moorse was responsible for the murders. According to Lizzie, Moorse was not accounted for at the times 9am-noon. He was reportedly visiting a sick relative, seems normal right? But then, he claims that the town doctor was there, the same town doctor who was with the dead bodies. You see what I mean doesn’t make sense right?

There was also a transcript of the will that you can listen to in the Buzzfeed unsolved video below. Furthermore, Moorse and Borden had a failing livestock business and Moorse was also a trained butcher. Little believed that he killed them both with a meat cleaver.


The maid had the opportunity, but police discovered a close relationship between Maggie and Abby Borden. It wouldn’t make sense if it was Maggie. She had nothing to gain from their deaths, but unemployment. If you had a secure job, a close relationship with your employer, would you risk it all for nothing?


Although Emma wasn’t present for the murders, it doesn’t change the fact that she could have been affiliated with the murders. The Bordens were a well-known family with a lot of money and enemies, all Emma would have to do is find someone with the right amount of hatred, passion and price for killing Andrew and Abby Borden.

Police couldn’t identify the man who had visited Andrew Borden complaining and they couldn’t figure out the motive too and the fact that they would have had to have been at the house at the right time.


Before I go into Lizzie being a suspect and everything else, I came up with this theory. I honestly don’t know if anyone has come up with this theory yet, so for now, I’m claiming it as mine.

I think it’s possible that Emma contacted someone from her father’s logbook, which I’m sure he would have to keep track of who’s paying their rent and etc. In this call or letter, she would have detailed her ideas, maybe even without revealing her identity.

Furthermore, she most probably contacted someone who was a couple month behind their rent. She could have motivate this person with money.

Whoever committed the crime, didn’t expect Andrew Borden to come home so early. I think the plan was to kill Abby Borden because if you’re trying to get revenge on someone, you kill their loved one, you see this happen in every movie.

The fact is this person probably saw an opportunity to kill the man they held so much hatred for. Many people claimed he was a rude man who didn’t care about people’s troubles. Yes, he was humble in choosing to live next to them and not above, but that doesn’t make a difference.

Lizzie could have been in on this and could be giving the money to the murderer. But I mean anything could have happened. Have you ever seen that house, it’s huge? It wouldn’t be hard to know how the inside of the house looks, the plan when there are many similar to it.


Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie Borden has been the main subject of the Borden murders. I don’t know if you can tell, but whenever you read a post about the Borden murders, most times it blames Lizzie for the murders that have been committed. But is she really responsible? Or is she the subject of brutality by the media and her own community?


3 days after the murders of both Andrew and Abby, Lizzie was suspiciously found burning a dress. Her excuse for burning this dress was that the dress had paint on it. Lizzie’s friend, Alice Russel, reported this to the authorities and an inquest for Lizzie was called. She was interrogated for the inquest with no council, no family there, no lawyer, no one to advise her on what to say.

The family rift was exposed and Lizzie was found to have made a suspicious trip to the drug store, the day before the murders. She wanted to buy Presic acid, which is Hydrogen Cyanide, a deadly poison, which was used in World War 2, in the gas chambers. Why did she really want that poison? Well if she wanted to kill her Father and Step-Mother, as we would see it would come to a very violent means.

Lizzie has been familiar with death and violence from a young age. A number of people anonymously sent letters to prosecutors, recalling times when Lizzie would kill cats and birds at a young age.

Apparently, there was also talk of a time when Lizzie took a bunch of birds and chopped their heads off because she wanted to have a funeral. I am so sorry for that gruesome detail, and it is just sick and twisted if it really is true.

Lizzie’s Alibi

Lizzie’s alibi on the day of the murders isn’t adding up. She claims that she did the ironing in the morning, then helped her father to the couch and left the house looking for fishing equipment. She claims she was upstairs when Maggie opened the door, which puts her in close proximity to the body.

However in her defence, the doctor gave her morphine and she was still getting the morphine, at the time of the inquest. This could be the reason why her story isn’t adding up.

One week after the murders, Lizzie is charged and her motive is a home on the hill, and her parents were in the way of her getting her dream. 10 months after the murders, Lizzie goes on trial.

The Trial Of Lizzie Borden

Prosecutors think that, while the maid is downstairs washing windows, Lizzie is upstairs and dropped the hatchet right in her back. 19 blows penetrate Abby’s body. However, Lizzie’s defence counters this, asking the prosecutors why she wasn’t covered in blood? There’s no way Lizzie Borden could commit these murders and not have a shred of blood on her. She would have to of done a very quick clean up. But we’re also forgetting that back then, those dresses weren’t easy to put on, I mean just look at the picture below. I mean, there’s a possibility she could have been wearing an apron, that prevented the blood going on here, but not even one spec, that’s highly unlikely.

According to Lizzie, Abby went out to help someone that was sick because she had received a note. The newspapers offered a $5000 reward for the owner of the note, but no one came forward. This could be because maybe the owner of the note didn’t want to get involved in a high profile case or they might fear they were going to be blamed for the murder of Andrew and Abby Borden.

The Prosecutions Story Of How It Happened

The prosecution believed that Lizzie comes up while Andrew is sleeping and puts an axe right through his head. The first blows were enough to kill him, the other 10 was rage. The prosecution began building this perfect picture of Lizzie, but all went south from there. The crucial evidence that was needed was not there. Lizzie’s inquest was not allowed because she was under the influence of Morphine. Her attempt to buy poison is also struck out. It was ruled that it couldn’t be admitted because there was no prussic acid in their stomachs.

The prosecution in the case couldn’t get away with blaming Lizzie for the murder of her parents. Lizzie refused to testify and some claimed she had a motive because she deeply hated her stepmother. Others, however, believe there’s no way possible that she could have committed these crimes due to the lack of evidence.

The trial lasted two weeks and it was then that we would find out whether she was guilty or not guilty. The case was as popular as the OJ Simpson trial. Will Lizzie hang or will she go home a free woman?


The verdict was revealed and Lizzie Borden was not charged with the murder of Andrew and Abby Borden. Which leaves just one question, Who do you believe committed these atrocious crimes?

Comment below and tell me your thoughts!

Lizzie decided to stay in Fall River, whilst most would move out after everyone thinking you’re a murderer. She and her sister moved into a mansion named Maplecroft on the hill, which is actually on sale so if you want to buy it then, by all means, go on! For the rest of Lizzie’s life, she would be treated as a murderer by society, people hated her and carried on like this for the rest of her life.

In 1904, her one ally, her one friend in life, Emma would leave her. We don’t know the true reason why she left Lizzie, maybe she thought she was next to be murdered or another reason we don’t know about.

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