These are nearly completely Letterman clips as a result of my greatest pal Andrea and I had a crush on him after we have been in junior excessive and we even noticed Cabin Boy on the large display as a result of he had a really temporary cameo. The one non Letterman clip is the titular daytime tv clip.1. Crispin Glover on Letterman (1987)Let’s begin with Courtney Peldon’s ex-boyfriend (they began relationship after this although as a result of she was within the first grade when this initially aired). A girl within the viewers heckles Crispin, and I’m pretty assured she was not a plant.2. Drew Barrymore on Letterman (1995)This is the one the place Drew bought on a desk and flashed Letterman for his birthday. She mentioned she normally spends her birthdays crying in a bath. 3. Madonna on Letterman (1994)It did not begin nicely. Madonna mentioned she was solely there bc the Knicks weren’t taking part in. Letterman requested her to a kiss a man within the viewers, which is gross like wtf. Then Madonna mentioned, “incidentally, you’re a sick fuck.” She had apparently given him a pair of her panties earlier than the present and requested Letterman if he wished to odor her panties and in addition mentioned peeing in your toes within the bathe is nice for athlete’s toes. In a handwritten letter — that was auctioned off in 2018 and was valued at $2000 (idk how a lot it bought for) — Madonna wrote to her fan membership two months after the looks, she mentioned:Can everybody please recover from the truth that I went on t.v., smoked a cigar, mentioned the f-word just a few instances, and made David Lettermen (sic) look silly. I truly had an excellent time, thought it was considered one of my higher performances and proved as soon as once more how sexist the world we stay in actually is.If I have been Andrew Dice Clay or Snoop Doggy Dog nobody would have given a f—!. In this nation you aren’t allowed to be a woman, look good, have a standpoint and have a very good time abruptly. want I say extra?She additionally wrote to her followers that everybody ought to have a rose backyard and really helpful snackwells cookies. You can learn the complete letter on the public sale web site.4. Any Joaquin Phoenix interview however this David Letterman one specifically (2010)This one is not a lot iconic as it’s memorable. This was circa Joaquin’s collab with famous sexual harasser Casey Affleck. Idk perhaps he was ripping off Madonna however he flopped. Hard.5. Harmony Korine on Letterman (1998)This is Korine’s third and remaining look on Letterman. He was excessive on shrooms and was banned for digging round in Meryl Streep’s purse.6. Sean Young on Joan Rivers (1991)Sean Young actually wished to be Catwoman in Batman Returns. Real dangerous. She Appears in costume and helps Joan open a bag of kitty litter, after which Joan pours it throughout her chair and sits in it. She was going to be within the first Michael Keaton Batman film, however she fell off a horse throughout rehearsals and was changed by Kim Basinger. Tim Burton would not even take a gathering along with her, so she’s justified however the cat toys and costume have been a bit a lot.Bonus: that is the complete episode. Enjoy the classic advertisements. Make Sure to take a look at the 1-800-MD-TUSCH advert. That repair your hemorrhoids jingle is a should pay attention!! SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSource

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