That the north japanese area of India is a diversive marvel of pure magnificence and amazement is a shock to none. Especially since the area is just not as linked to the Indian mainland geographically, it poses as a pleasant offbeat terrain to tread for exploring vacationers and nature fans. And certainly, in its broad panoply of choices that vary from the hues of nature to the zest of tradition and naturally the attract of uniquities galore, north east India is one in every of the most vibrant lands you’ll be able to set your foot on for a very enriching journey expertise to cherish.

In its harmonious coexistence with seven of its sister states, the excessive japanese stretches of the nation throws up an array of vivid presences, related but strikingly completely different in its panorama, in its essence and in its encompassment of all issues unique. For here’s a paradise hitherto unexplored, beckoning all to come back and really feel the magnificence of its swaying glory, of its many exuberant melodies and naturally its chasm of eccentric charms. And one such slightly fascinating escapade of kinds the place you are able to do all that you simply fancy, unbounded and unclaimed is a selected picturesque village nestled in the small mountainous state of Nagaland.

The Longwa village in the Mon district of the state is little doubt a path of by no means ending magnificence. Serene but adventurous, fairly commonplace in its lush pure abundance but all the identical quirky in its distinction, it is a village in contrast to another you’d have ever treaded into. Sure, there rests a tepid tranquility in the hills surrounding the village, the air nonetheless is one in every of simplistic indulgence and nowhere will you fairly encounter the quiteness typical to far off tribal villages like you’ll do in Longwa and but it is a place surreptitiously peculiar, even in its common entrance! Such is the attract of this quaint existence in nature that you simply can not assist however really feel as in case you have escaped into some completely different land in your quest of the extraordinary right here. And why certainly, in fact you’ve gotten!

One of the largest villages in the district, Longwa resides in an id unique to its personal. The scene witnessed right here isn’t any completely different than that you’d generally encounter in another rural setting- giant conventional wooden homes with thatched roofs. But even in its commonplace geographical id, Longwa harbours an integrity much less deciphered. Surprisingly nevertheless, at the same time as a village that falls alongside the India- Myanmar worldwide border, Longwa isn’t precisely one in every of the final Indian villages like Turtuk, Chitkul and another hamlets that lie on the threshold. Longwa as an alternative is extra spectacular, for its locational benefit signifies that it crosses very a lot over the border to additionally sit a few of its expanse in India’s neighbouring nation of Myanmar!

In its twin seating traits, the Longwa village additionally endows its inhabitants with as distinctive an id. The villagers right here get pleasure from twin citizenship courtesy their properties in a spot that’s so uniquely steeped in a saga of concord. Which means they’ll cross over into overseas territory even inside the village at will! In a world that’s so geographically restricted and territorially marked with the most stringent of measures, it certainly is an esteem solely the Longwa villagers can boast of- of not being regulated by journey guidelines and visa norms, of not yielding in to the hostility that usually marks worldwide borders.

But even in its unexampled specimen of such a particular repute, maybe the most fascinating of all the Longwa hearths and houses is that of the chief of the village, generally known as the Angh. The hereditary king or head of the village, it’s the home of the Longwa Angh that’s of explicit significance relating to manifesting the duality in its entirety. For globetrotters perpetually lunching at one place and resting in one other, the Angh can be no completely different from somebody of their clan. With a home that resides half in India and the different half in Myanmar courtesy the Indo- Myanmar border that runs proper by it, the Angh asserts his supremacy as the actual chief of the village. Also as understandably a vacationer attraction, there’s the influential King’s home that’s on the radar of just about everybody who dares to enterprise into this quaint land of oddballs and eccentricities and naturally additionally of a lesson in civilised coexistence.

It nevertheless isn’t just the Angh’s home that could be a spectacular assertion of the twin id that Longwa is thought for. The chief has to his identify different claims to fame, the most distinguished being him having some 60 wives! Additionally, the Angh additionally guidelines over some 60 to 70 villages that lie in both nation. This peculiar assertion of autonomous energy additionally results in Longwan residents having fun with the proper to vote in elections on each side of the border. No marvel vacationers to this far off village retreat are additionally accorded virtually related standing that permits them to enterprise past India and into Myanmar for a journey expertise that will be perpetually etched in reminiscence.

The charms of Longwa nevertheless are usually not restricted solely to its geographical exclusivity. The village is residence additionally to India’s final head looking tribe, the Konyaks, who are also the largest of all tribes inhabiting Nagaland. In reality of their seen tattooed presence, these are the individuals additionally starkly feared for his or her head looking repute. A warrior tribe, the Konyas nevertheless have lengthy been compelled to forfeit their head looking custom, significantly since the 1960s when Christianity started to take root in the state. But the village of Longwa continues to be residence to the final surviving Konyak tribesmen, a few of whom nonetheless retain their tattooed look that’s as a lot an assertation of their id as another. In harbouring additionally a particular cultural and ethnic id subsequently aside from its distinguishing bodily attributes, Longwa undoubtedly is one in every of north east India’s most startling relevations- and one which comes about with a lot restraint and fairly a little bit of journey.

Speaking of journey although, aside from the bumpy rides to Longwa amidst the hilly terrains, the village stays shrouded in a thriller of intoxication. Much like its cloud shrouded environs, Longwa stays underneath an air of addictive sniffs. In its shut locational quarters with Myanmar, the village has thrived as a significant place the place getting excessive on opium is maybe one in every of the most favourite of previous occasions. Specially in the famed Angh home, opium dictates the lifestyle day in and day trip and is seen as a very potential catch for tourism.

Longwa certainly is then no much less phenomenal an existence of a state identified for its vibrant Hornbill Festival. As in reality one in every of the hottest festivals of north east India, Nagaland rests in an id stemming from this most extravagant of celebrations. But there certain are facets of the state which might be no much less engaging, like the facade of fascination we simply found. Step on subsequently on this Land of Festivals to unearth the lores of Longwa- a thriller like no different!

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