Having wrested hard-won independence from a monarch, the founders of our nation sought to kind a brand new union the place government energy was constrained by different branches of presidency. They did so understanding that males are not angels, and believing that by way of a system of checks and balances that set “ambition against ambition,” a fledgling democracy might survive, even thrive.That stunning assemble has been put to the check by a president who neither understands nor respects our constitutional scheme or the worth of democratic governance.When Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017, I used to be assured that our Constitution and democratic establishments, which had survived the Civil War, terrorist assaults, financial crises and extra, might stand up to an unscrupulous president. What I didn’t foresee was the terrible diploma to which the occasion of the president would give up its institutional tasks to be able to shield its maintain on energy — and the extent to which this abdication would depart such a president unconstrained.As we survey the wreckage of the previous 3½ years, it’s obvious that the muse of our democracy has been shaken. Trump has sought to show the devices of presidency to his private and political benefit, and to an astonishing diploma, he has been profitable.

He has extorted a international companion for grime on his political opponent, a scheme for which he was impeached. He has interfered in prosecutions of his closest associates and allies, and abused the pardon and commutation powers to assist political associates. He has painted the press because the “enemy of the people,” violated the Hatch Act, usurped Congress’ energy of the purse to construct a wall Congress didn’t fund, and retaliated in opposition to whistleblowers and inspectors normal who uncovered his wrongdoing and that of others.Instead of being constrained by norms, Trump has acted as a stress check for our system of checks and balances, probing for the place his powers are best and accountability is weakest.Trump is just not the primary president to hunt to build up energy and punish his enemies. When the crimes of Richard Nixon got here to mild after Watergate, Congress went to work to stop such abuses from taking place once more. In what turned generally known as the post-Watergate reforms, Congress created new checks and balances, together with marketing campaign finance reform, disclosure and transparency necessities for public servants, and privateness protections. Congress additionally established new oversight mechanisms, together with the intelligence committees.
At each flip, we have now fought Trump’s abuses within the House, within the courts, and in an impeachment trial within the U.S. Senate. And immediately, we are taking the subsequent step by introducing the primary major democracy reform package deal since Watergate, the Protecting Our Democracy Act. Dozens of members and committees have contributed to this package deal and its proposals.These reforms are just the start, not the top, of our work to guard and strengthen the guardrails of our democracy, in opposition to Trump and future presidents from both occasion who search to abuse their energy. Our reforms are constructed on three pillars they usually are constructed to final.First, we should stop abuses of presidential energy. The president is granted immense authority beneath the Constitution, nevertheless it’s not with out restrict or accountability. Our reforms would stop the abuse of the pardon energy, as Trump has completed when he gave or dangled pardons to his cronies, and clarify that corrupt pardons will be prosecuted as bribery. It would additionally create a mechanism to implement the constitutional prohibition on emoluments, which Trump has blatantly disregarded to complement himself and his household.Second, we should restore our system of checks and balances, the bedrock of our constitutional system, and guarantee accountability and transparency. Our reforms would tackle a president’s efforts to expire the clock on oversight by offering for expedited enforcement of congressional subpoenas and fines for officers who refuse to cooperate. It would reassert the ability of the purse, Congress’ authority over spending, and forestall the abuse of presidential emergency powers.
Finally, we have to shield our elections from international interference, as a result of Americans should determine American elections. Our reforms would require political campaigns to report back to the FBI suspicious international contacts or presents of help, and make clear that grime on an opponent is a “thing of value” that campaigns are prohibited from soliciting or receiving from international powers.These reforms will not be signed into legislation beneath this president, however I’m assured that they’ll change into legislation beneath a future administration, and can quickly change into enshrined into our understanding of American democracy, simply because the post-Watergate reforms did.Earlier this 12 months, because the House debated impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi quoted Benjamin Franklin. Asked upon exiting the Constitutional Convention what type of authorities the fledgling United States would have, Franklin stated, “A republic, if you can keep it.”Trump has posed precisely the type of existential menace to our democracy that our founders feared. But we are not powerless to guard our nation going ahead. With these reforms, we are able to preserve our republic. Our Constitution and our democracy are our sacred heritage. We won’t enable them to be degraded or destroyed, by Donald Trump or anybody else.
Adam B. Schiff is the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and represents California’s 28th Congressional District.

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